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"Magical Sticker" keeps fruit fresh for 14 days longer

    Fruits and vegetables    03/12/2018

"In the US alone, from the farm to the cold store, 52 percent of fresh fruits and vegetables are wasted. That is an annual loss of tens of billions of dollars. It's time for Stixfresh, the natural way to safely and easily extend the fruit's life in up to 14 days. "


"Freshly harvested products take a long time to reach retailers. In addition to the time-consuming shipping process, it is a constant struggle to ensure that the product arrives in the best possible condition. For retailers, these losses equate to lower margins, which represents a disaster for cash flow. "

"With the alarming amount of fruit wasted due to the short shelf life around the world, farmers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers feel the negative financial effects. Think about it. Who could not benefit from a natural way of keeping fresh fruit any longer? Consumers deserve and demand a broad selection of high quality fresh fruit at a good value, and it is the responsibility of the global production industry. "

StixFresh sticker are coated with a mixture of sodium chloride and beeswax, which delays the fruit ripening process by removing ethylene from the air around the product.

"To use the product, simply detach and place Stixfresh adhesives on pears, avocados, pitayas, kiwis, mangoes, oranges and other citrus fruits to help keep them firm, sweet and juicy. Keep your fruit fresh longer without chemicals. The materials used in the adhesives are 100% natural, fully approved and are so safe that you can eat them. "

Source: stixfresh.com




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