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Technology Provides Need for Irrigation and Disease Forecast for Farmers

    Fruits and vegetables    16/02/2019

A startup Agroop, a company located in Portugal, has created a technological solution to monitor the crops through a sensor called "stoock" that is installed in the field. This sensor collects information such as solar radiation, humidity and air temperature, humidity and soil temperature and sends them to an application.

This information is processed by the application and results such as irrigation need, prediction of pest and disease risk and even recommendation about treatment are reported to the user via the smartphone, tablet or computer.

According to the company, "the stoock sensor is a device that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Easy to install, energy-efficient, low maintenance. "

The company charges for the service about 200 € / year for the application (software) plus the price of the sensor (hardware) to be quoted directly.

By Breno Alves

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Agrothermal system for pest and disease control

    Fruits and vegetables    13/02/2019

The American company Agrothermal Systems, located in California, has developed a new machine for thermaculture, which is the control of pests and diseases through heat. The new machine, called XR1, have configurations to be used in vertical crops such as sugar cane, herbs and vegetables with cuttings. It can also be used for vineyards with line widths of 1.4 meters up to 1.8 meters. The same machine with a ventilation change can be used for many crops, such as onions, strawberries, green leaves, celery and potatoes. These are some of the cultures that can use termaculture to reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides for a fraction of the cost.

The new machine burns propane to create heat at a rate of approximately 4 gallons per hour at costs of $ 6-8 per hour of use. We have 10 hours of continuous work for each propane refill. This cost per hectare runs at about $ 1.20 to $ 1.60 per treatment, which is far less than a typical fungicide or insecticide treatment above $ 16 per hectare per treatment or more. The spa also eliminates the need for hazardous materials, respirators and complex cleaning at the end of the day. Just turn off the gas valve and go home.

After two years of replicate trials in tomatoes open field industry in California, Tom Martin-Duvall of Caltec Ag concludes: "The heat will do an insect control job as good as the standard treatments for whitefly and whitefly control. threes. In the event of a population explosion, heat treatments can reduce the population better than the producer's standard over time. "

Agrothermal Systems is pioneering the use of heat treatments in agriculture as a means of increasing production, improving the quality of fruits and vegetables, reducing pesticide needs and managing climatic challenges, such as drying out the crops after the rains.

Source: Agrothermal Systems

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New technology uses sensors to detect soil pathogens

    Fruits and vegetables    11/02/2019

The biological threat of pathogens accounts for a loss of 16% in global food production, and the problem is likely to worsen. Some examples of economically significant pathogens include Fusarium oxysporum (fusarium wilt), Botrytis cinerea (botrytis rot and gray mold), Pythium spp. (root rot, cushioning) and Phytophthora spp. (potato rust, crown rot, root rot, etc.).

British startup Fungialert developed the sensor for the detection of soil pathogens, SporSenZ. The sensor detects only actively growing microorganisms, which gives a real representation of the microbial community within a field or within a growing system.

How it works?

1) After receiving the SporSenZ sensors, simply insert the sensors at the sampling point of interest.

2) When microorganisms are detected, an alert will inform when to send the sensors back to a FungiAlert laboratory.

3) Once received in our laboratory, our soil health analysis specialists will return your results within 2 to 3 business days.

Unlike other soil health analysis services, the products detect only live microorganisms and active growth in the field. Therefore, users can actually understand soil disease pressures at any time, at a fraction of the cost and time of any competitor.

Source: fungialert.com

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Solar powered cold room for farmers

    Fruits and vegetables    10/02/2019


The ColdHubs innovation is a modular, solar powered, "plug and play" cold room for off-grid 24/7 storage for perishable food preservation. Appropriately addresses the problem of post-harvest losses in fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods. ColdHubs can be installed in major food production and consumption centers (in markets and farms). Farmers put their products in clean plastic boxes, these plastic boxes are stacked inside the cold room. This extends the freshness of fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods from 2 days to about 21 days. The cold room with solar power is made of cold insulation panels of 120mm to retain the cold. The energy of solar panels mounted on the roof of the cold room is stored in high capacity batteries, these batteries power an inverter which, in turn, powers the cooling unit.


Coldhubs offers farmers a flexible payment subscription template according to usage. In preparation for storage, farmers transfer their perishable food into our reusable cartons, which fit neatly into the shelves. Farmers pay a fixed daily rate for each box of food they store. 

Source: coldhubs.com

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Meet the robotic harvester of apples

    Fruits and vegetables    07/02/2019

By 2016, more than 7 million tons of fresh apples were removed from trees throughout the US. 100% of these fruits were harvested manually, mainly by seasonal workers. These workers become increasingly scarce, as former scavengers retire, young people do not want to work in agriculture, and foreign workers are limited in number or totally forbidden to enter, and in any case require extensive training, with costs of food and transport.

The fresh fruit picking solution from the FFRobotics combines precise but simple robotic controls, fast and accurate image processing, and advanced algorithms to select and distinguish usable products and damaged, diseased, and green fruits. The harvester will be easily modified to choose different types of fresh fruit, making it useful at various times of harvest.

It has advanced software for identification and classification of fruits for harvesting according to criteria pre-established by the farmer. Improved Productivity: Premium fruit harvest 10 times more productive and faster compared to the average human harvester. Provides fruit data collected by tree, acre and orchard.

Source: ffrobotics.com

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Belgian company is the first to market robot to harvest strawberries

    Fruits and vegetables    06/02/2019

After 5 years of development, it is the first company in the world to market this innovation. The launch is crucial to the industry.

A robot that navigates the strawberries, detecting the mature ones, taking without hurting them and putting them in its box. It looks futuristic, but it is possible from today thanks to Rubion, the strawberry harvest robot. This Belgian innovation is not only a response to the scarcity of labor in the industry, it allows producers to increase the quality of their products - which, in the end, benefits the consumer.

"Thanks to robotics, we have so many possibilities, much more than a human could do. Predict the harvest by choosing according to the needs of the market by simply choosing when the fruits are ripe, rather than when the workers are available - these are just a few examples of what is possible from today to a producer, "says Tom Coen, CEO of Octinion Technology. Group. "The consumer will also notice the difference because the strawberries will be fresher and will show fewer bruises."

Introducing robots in a sector where almost everything is done by hand, this is more a revolution than an evolution. It requires close collaboration with all stakeholders. Tom Coen: "We have not only been working together with producers and testing centers around the world for the last two years, but researchers are also interested in being part of the technological developments. Growing systems and varieties will adapt to what is most ideal for a robot. We will have a robot running the Dutch Fresh Forward Breeding and collaborating with other researchers to shape the future of the industry. Our door is open to additional researchers. "

Source: octinion.com

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Meet the world's first robot serving custom salads

    Fruits and vegetables    31/01/2019

"Robots eliminate repetitive tasks and allow more time for humans to be creative. Taking fresh food to places where it would not exist is our specialty. "

"Sally, our debut robot, serves customizable, custom-made salads, snacks, breakfast bowls and bowls of grain in a stylish footprint."

The robot serves 50 to 100 meals before refueling, has a touch screen with card reader option, prepares an 8-component meal or snack in less than a minute and is easy to clean.

The technology will help reduce the risk of foodborne illness by ensuring that the ingredients are kept sanitized and separated. The ingredients will be regularly replenished and contained in the robot, greatly reducing the risk of contamination.

Source: chowbotics.com

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New packaging technology: 100% paper and 100% recyclable

    Fruits and vegetables    30/01/2019

Thousands of plastic packaging are sold daily. Plastic waste is becoming a bigger problem every day, and consumers are becoming aware of its use and looking for recyclable alternatives or buying products without packaging.

"Here in the JASA company, we consider innovation highly important. That is why we have developed a revolutionary new technology for our vertical packaging machines: It is 100% paper, without plastic coating, the cartons can be closed without sealing and are 100% recyclable. This makes the Bag-2-Paper ™ a revolution for sustainable packaging. "

"Our innovative vertical packaging machine can be used to sustainably pack your dried products such as potatoes, onions, garlic, chives, nuts, seeds and flower bulbs. By the vertical form of packaging, its products are packed incredibly fast. "

Source: jasa.nl

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Application measure quality of fruits and vegetables for commercialization

    Fruits and vegetables    28/01/2019

The ClariFruit mobile application monitors and analyzes fruit quality and maturity. It provides a scientific method for classifying agricultural products and allows the collection of data to determine the quality and value of the fruits.

ClariFruit will dramatically change the way farmers make their most crucial decisions and revolutionize the global fruit market, avoiding the massive loss of products and making them accessible to larger and larger populations.

With the ClariFruit application, measuring fruit quality is as simple as taking a photo:

  1. The user scans the fruit (or a fruit group) with camera built into the phone and with portable SCiO molecular sensor (or spectrometer)
  2. A big fruit and the environment is captured . This includes fruit BRIX, firmness, dry weight, color, size, spots, variant and more, as well as GPS location, weather conditions and sampling time.
  3. Optionally, the user can register a personal opinion on fruit quality
  4. The measurements are loaded immediately into the cloud and are processed instantly by a algorithm innovative and personalized Big data
  5. algorithm compares all measurements to tens of thousands of existing samples of fruits previously inspected
  6. The algorithm incorporates feedback from multiple users and experts previously recorded and scientific data with sophisticated machine learning for produce clear and simple notes for the quality, freshness and maturation of the digitized fruit
  7. Fruit notes are available to the user in a fraction of a second, thanks to the intelligent methods of processing and optimizing data applied in the cloud.

All sampling data, as well as a wealth of additional statistical information and reporting, are available online for post-sampling and post-production analysis.

Source: clarifruit.com

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American company develops robot to harvest strawberries

    Fruits and vegetables    25/01/2019

A Florida-based technology company that has been developing for years a strawberry harvesting robot has finally begun to unveil the product - first for news segments and next month with a demonstration for producers attending an annual industry convention in Orlando .

The United States is the world's largest producer of strawberries, producing 1.36 billion pounds of fruit each year. In California, where most of these strawberries are grown, 400 farmers depend on 55,000 rural workers to work in their fields, according to the California Strawberry Association.

Imagine a robot that can replace these workers. The Harvest CROO machine, which measures more than eight rows of strawberries, has 16 robotic arms attached to a single chassis that rotate to lift the leaves of the plant, take pictures of the berry and, with a plastic clamp, remove the red fruits of the stem. Then, internally, the machine loads the fruit into plastic containers with a packing capacity of 450 kilos.

If it is true that the Harvest CROO machine is years away from marketing, the promise is still significant. The introduction of a robotic worker who does not need a visa, can work at night, rain or shine all season, can trigger a paradigm shift in the strawberry industry. Of course, it moves more slowly than a trained human: at his fastest, he crawls at eight centimeters per second. But on a commercial scale, operating at 20-hour shifts, the machine could cover 3.20 hectares in one day, doing the work of 30 scavengers.

Source: newfoodeconomy.org

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