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CARROT / CEPEA: Prices fall in MG

    Fruits and vegetables    27/08/2018

Roots came from two consecutive weeks of discharge

Piracicaba, 24 - The supply of carrots in the region of São Gotardo (MG) increased this week (20 to 24/08) by pressing prices, after two consecutive weeks of discharge. The 29 kg box of "dirty" carrots sold for R $ 22.67, on average, down 9.3%. The volume of roots harvested was higher due to the intensification of the harvest of the winter varieties in the square. With a favorable production climate, the yield is high and this week reached 79 t / ha.

Despite the good quality of the roots, the expectation for the coming weeks is not encouraging to the producers, since the supply can increase even more. In addition, employees of Hortifruti / Cepea say that sales are not good - customers are buying in smaller quantities, resulting in the accumulation of carrots in the crops. The smallest output is due to the end of the month, the period in which it is commonly sold less.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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CARROT/CEPEA: Lower national supply raises prices in PR

    Fruits and vegetables    07/08/2018

Winter harvest is late in the region

Piracicaba, 03 - This week (July 30 to August 3), prices rose slightly in South Marilândia (PR), and the 20 kg box of the "AAA" carrot obtained an average of R $ 20.00 , an increase of 11% over the previous one. The smaller national supply contributed to this scenario. Despite this, producers consulted say they are discouraged by the low root prices and are not capitalized for investments in the crop, so the area planted in this summer season 2017/18 was lower than the previous harvest.

Employees of the Hortifruti / Cepea project claim that the harvesting of winter varieties is delayed, contributing to the low supply in the square. The climate in PR is favorable to production, with root yield averaging 40 t / ha this week.

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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CARROT/CEPEA: Even with better demand, prices do not change

    Fruits and vegetables    09/07/2018

High bidding limited an increase in root quotation

Piracicaba, 06 - This week (02 to 06/07), the output of the carrots showed a significant improvement, however, supply remained high and thus prices remained stable compared to last week. The 29 kg box of the "dirty" carrot obtained an average of R $ 5,20. The reason for prices to remain is the excess merchandise available at this end of the summer harvest.

Root productivity is good because of the favorable climate - cold and dry - the June average was 78 t / ha, up 12% from last month. The incidence of "G" type carrots has decreased in the region, in addition, the root quality is satisfactory and there are no significant problems with discards in relation to quality

Source: hfbrasil.org.br

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